Sick of Paying Excessive Bank Fees?

Finally! Your step by step “how to” guide for getting your bank to pay you!

If you live in the modern world, chances are you’ve incurred a bank fee. Think about all the interactions you have with your bank and how many time they may have charged you a fee, just for being their customer.

Consider this…

If you have a credit card, you may be charged a fee.

If you have a mortgage on your home, you may be charged a fee.

If you’re in business and have a business bank account, you may be charged a fee.

So what if the bank were to PAY YOU?

What if you could avoid having to pay unnecessary fees and charges from your own hip pocket?

Each year, banks pocket billions of dollars in profits and a large slice of that profit pie is made up from fees and charges they choose pass onto you, the customer.

how to get your bank to pay you - get your bank fees and charges refunded-8But are these fees really warranted or is it excessive revenue raising by the banks and their shareholders?

Some of these bank fees and charges we’re aware of at the start, such as a monthly account keeping fee. So that’s fine.

But what banks often don’t tell you (unless you ask, of course) is that there are a myriad of other fees and charges they’ll happily slap you with, often through no fault of your own.

Ever been paid by cheque and deposited it in your bank account only to have it bounce? Bang! You get charged a fee, even though you’re not the one that caused the problem.

Then there are fees and charges that they’ll impose on you because, well, they can.

Ever been charged:

An overlimit fee on your credit card?

A late payment fee on your credit card?

A fee for overdrawing your bank account?

A fee against your home mortgage because you missed a home loan payment?

A fee for utilising an “unofficial” overdraft on your bank account (a personal favourite of mine, because banks will happily do things unofficially, right?).

Often, these bank fees and charges can be easily avoided through the way you use your credit card, manage your bank account or make payments on your home loan.

But we all know, sometimes life happens and sometimes you may slip up with making sure funds are available in your account on time or making a regular payment on your credit card or home loan by the due date.

What if there was a way for you to get your bank fee back?

My special report will show you how to get YOUR MONEY you’ve paid in fees and charges back from your bank.

“Great simple tips on how to get your bank fees reversed”Nicola Evans shares why she loved Wendy Chamberlain's ebook on how to get your bank to reverse your bank feeHi Wendy

Just wanted to say thanks for your great simple tips on how to get your bank fees reversed. I work with lots of clients to get them better organised as many do miss paying bills and incur late fees simply due to not having systems in place etc.

So now once I have helped them get organised, I will now also be able to help a step further by advising them how they can get their cash back.

Enjoy a great weekend!

Nicola Evans
Professional Organiser | Home & Office Consultant

What if your hard earned money stayed with YOU rather than being siphoned off by the bank to fill the already bulging pockets of their shareholders?

Well, I’m happy to tell you there is a way to get your money back and I share how to do it in my special report.

There is a sure fire way to get a bank to pay you money. How fantastic is that?!

But there’s a secret to success … like to know what it is?

You have to know what to do and you have to know what to say.

There is a right way and there is a wrong way. And with banks, once you’ve gone the wrong way, there is no way to get across to the right way. That’s why I’m here to help you.

So how do you get your bank fees and charges back?

How do you get the banks to pay YOU?

I’ve worked out a way to get the banks to pay you. I’ve tried it myself time and time again.

I’ve got a bank to pay back to me a $6 fee. I’ve got a bank to pay back to me a $50 fee. I’ve got a bank to pay me literally hundreds of dollars. Quickly and in just a matter of minutes.

how to get your bank to pay you - get your bank fees and charges refunded-6That’s right – the bank WILL PAY YOU.

It occurred to me that very few people know this fact. So I decided to sit down and put together a report that details for you, step by step, exactly what you need to do so that the bank will PAY YOU too.

It’s that simple and it is simple – when you know how.

In my special report, I tell you what you need to do, I tell you how you go about doing it and I tell you exactly what to say depending on the scenario.

Need to get a bank fee reversed on your personal bank account?

Follow the steps in my special report.

Need to get the bank to refund to you a charge they billed you for on your mortgage back onto your home loan?

Follow the steps in my special report.

Need to get the bank to help you pay off your credit card?

Follow the steps in my special report.

“This book is a gold mine – I feel more confident to stand up for myself and my hard earned money!”
I bought Wendy’s E Book on bank fees after I returned home after a recent work trip overseas. Upon opening my bank statement I was dismayed to discover how much of my profit was lost to paying the credit card fees.

But I never ever thought I could do anything about…. and I just had to deal with it! Until I met Wendy…

Her ebook showed me the language I needed to use for greater effect …. And that has made a huge difference….

I did get a reduction to the credit card fees ~ not a huge amount….but better in my pocket than theirs… I have also used the language she suggests to get a recent parking fine reversed + am now using it for an insurance claim.

I have never ever had a fine reversed before!

This book is a goldmine ~ for those of us who have been bullied into thinking ‘we cant do anything about it’ in regards to fees, fines, charges etc….

It also gave me the confidence that if my fine was not going to be reversed – I was going to take it further!

I also today ~ used it with a quote I had been given by a computer company…. I got the initial quote down by $100!

So thank you Wendy! I feel more confident to stand up for myself + my hard earned money!

Susanne Calman
Director, Feminine Spirit

In this very special report: Bank Fees and Charges: How to get your bank to pay you! you’ll discover:

green-tick-how-to-use-face-book 7 different ways to get your bank fees and charges reversed by your bank
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book easy, step by step instructions for you to follow
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book little known, effective strategies – we’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to!

It could not be any simpler and that’s what we wanted to give you – something to make it really simple. Dead easy in fact.

If you know how to use a telephone, you can follow our step-by-simple-step, instructions to quickly get your bank to talk to you about the fees and charges you have incurred.

As much as their marketing machines would like to have you believe otherwise, to a bank, any bank, you are just a number. Just another avenue for potential profit on their balance sheet.

Don’t believe me? Does this scenario sound familiar…

You ring to speak to the bank. The first wall you’ll hit will be an automated voice answer machine telling you to press 1 for this press 2 for that press 3 … after, of course telling you to listen to the entire riveting recording because “our menu options have recently changed”.

Perplexed (or just plain bored or sick of wasting your valuable time), you choose the number you think best represents the quickest way to get you to a human.

Waiting, waiting… finally a human comes on the line!

Hello this is [insert name here] your banking specialist, can I start with you credit card or account number please. They’ll tell you you’re not a number. But they can’t identify you without … a number.

Guess what. You’re a number.

So if you’re sick of handing over unnecessary money to your banking institution, money that would far better serve you and your family, money that you’ve worked long and hard to earn, you’ve come to the right place.

My special report will show you quickly and easily how to approach your bank (the right way) so that they’ll say yes when you ask for your money back.

Because, after all, it IS YOUR MONEY.

It’s time for you to get it back.

I’ll show you how.

In reality, our special report is worth well over $200, when you consider the time we took to research all the ways to get your bank to say yes.

We then carefully documented the entire process with very clear instructions at each step so that you’d be able to do the same thing, as simply and as easily as possible.

So, Why did I compile this Special Report for you?

So why did I sit down and put together step by step instructions covering 7 different ways to get your bank to talk to you?

Because I was sick of all the fees and charges that bank charge, even when they are obviously well above the actual cost incurred by the bank. Plus, I love to help others. So for me, it was a perfect avenue to help out other bank customers.

So I saw it as an opportunity to do something to help out a bunch of folks at the same time.

One last question…

How much have you already been charged by your bank just for being a customer?

I’m guessing at least one fee too many. I know I have.

How do I know? I know because I’ve been charged unnecessary bank fees too just like you. And it’s time for you and I to claim what is, at the end of the day, our own money back.

So, if you too belive the banks are making far too much profit from unnecessary fees and charges, click the link below to order your copy right now to find out how to claim your money back.

how to get your bank to refund your fees and charges


Only $7.00


how to upload a pdf to facebook14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right! Grab our eBook, read the easy to follow steps to discover how to get the banks to give you back your bank fees and charges and if you genuinely aren’t able to find a satisfactory solution amongst the many options we have outlined in our eBook, simply send us back the eBook and we will refund your money.

P.S. Please Don’t Order this product if you’re looking for a fat book full of fluff. What you’ll get is a mini manual of high quality information that is written by a person who has used these methods. With these tested tips, you could get a fabulous result when talking to your bank!

We’re a genuine Australian business. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like further information about the eBook. Our office number is +61 3 9686 2288.